Further Speakers Announced

We are pleased to announce the latest selection of speakers to attend the 2nd Foundations of Interstellar Studies Workshop. In no particular order these are:

1.       Francisco Lobo, “Wormholes, “Warp Drives and Interstellar Travel”, Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, University of Lisbon.

2.       Samar AbdelFattah, “Hyperloop: Martial Operation 1”, Aerospace Engineering, Cairo University

3.       Peter Robinson, Space Elevators: The Earth, The Moon and Beyond”, International Space Elevator Consortium

4.       Richard Osborne, “The Use of Near-Term Launch Systems for Developing A Stanford Torus”, StellarDyne, UK

5.       James, Schalkwyk, “The Scale of an Interstellar Mission: Microphotonics to Megastructures”, Breakthrough Initiatives

We will be publishing more details on the program schedule in the coming days.

Second Speakers Confirmed

We are pleased to announce the latest speakers to the Foundations of Interstellar Studies workshop that will take place 27-30 June 2019. The new additions include:

  • Heidi Fearn, Advances in Mach Effect Gravitational Assist (MEGA) Drive Experimentation

  • Jeremy Munday, Engineering Quantum Vacuum Fluctuations

  • Mike McCulloch, Quantised Inertia, Propellant-less Thrust and Interstellar Travel

  • Angelo Vermeulen, Evolving Asteroid Starships: A Bio-Inspired Approach for Designing Generation Starships.

  • Ryan Weed, Towards Direct Antimatter Annihilation Photon Propulsion

More speakers will be announced next week, from the current batch of submissions under consideration.

More Speakers and Music for Opening Event

We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have so far been selected to present at the 2nd Foundations of Interstellar Studies Workshop in June 2019. This includes:

  • Philip Lubin, Directed Energy - The Path to Interstellar Flight

  • Mark Hempsell, Colonies and World Ships

  • Kelvin Long, Microwave Beam Driven Worldship

  • Harold 'Sonny' White, Dynamic Vacuum Model and Casimir Cavity Experiments

  • Remo Garattini, Traversable Wormholes and the Casimir Effect

  • Charles Swanson, Direct Fusion Drive for the Gravitational Lens Mission

  • Al Jackson, A Neutrino Beacon

  • Gregory Matloff, Is the Kuiper Belt Inhabited?

At the June 2017 workshop in New York, for the opening evening we arranged for a three-piece classical orchestra. For the 2019 workshop, we have decided on a three-piece jazz band. We are pleased to announce that the opening evening on Thursday 27th June will be accompanied by the ‘Blue Shift’ jazz band. Blue Shift are a trio drawn from the thriving community of jazz musicians in Oxfordshire. They play popular standards from the mid-20th century in the styles of the Great American Songbook, including swing, blues, bebop, bossa nova and ballads. The name puns on the doppler shift of an approaching astronomical body.

“Blue shift” jazz group

“Blue shift” jazz group

First Speakers Confirmed

We are pleased to confirm the first speakers at the 2nd Foundations of Interstellar Studies workshop to take place 27-30 June 2018 at the Bone Mill in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom:

  1. Kelvin F. Long, A Beam Driven Worldship Design Concept

  2. Rob Swinney, Project Icarus Fusion Starship Design Concept Solutions

  3. Angelo Genovese, Laser-Powered Electric Propulsion Interstellar Precursor Mission

  4. Gregory Matloff, Is the Kuiper Belt Inhabited?

    More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Announcement of Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the second Foundation of Interstellar Studies workshop will take place from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 June, with an opening social event and registration on the evening of Thursday 27 June. This meeting has been organised in co-operation with the UK based Initiative for Interstellar Studies and the British Interplanetary Society. It is sponsored by Stellar Engined Ltd and Terra Altair Ltd. The meeting follows the earlier successful first workshop that took place in the City of New York, United States of America.