Further Speakers Announced

We are pleased to announce the latest selection of speakers to attend the 2nd Foundations of Interstellar Studies Workshop. In no particular order these are:

1.       Francisco Lobo, “Wormholes, “Warp Drives and Interstellar Travel”, Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences, University of Lisbon.

2.       Samar AbdelFattah, “Hyperloop: Martial Operation 1”, Aerospace Engineering, Cairo University

3.       Peter Robinson, Space Elevators: The Earth, The Moon and Beyond”, International Space Elevator Consortium

4.       Richard Osborne, “The Use of Near-Term Launch Systems for Developing A Stanford Torus”, StellarDyne, UK

5.       James, Schalkwyk, “The Scale of an Interstellar Mission: Microphotonics to Megastructures”, Breakthrough Initiatives

We will be publishing more details on the program schedule in the coming days.